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Covid 19 Protocols…

1. Disinfecting


Disinfecting including use of Veridical Disinfectants.

Prepare to Welcome Guests…


Committed to delivering a clean and safe environment through health and safety protocols 

One of our highest priorities is the health, safety, and security of guests, team members, and business partners. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live, and we are adjusting our daily operations to fit within the new normal. In response to this, we and a team of experts have reviewed our existing health and safety processes and developed a new safety protocol. This in-depth cleanliness and disinfection protocol was created with guidance from SGS and other key organisation, It is designed to ensure your guest safety and peace of mind from check-in to check-out.

What are the new protocols?


A new 10-step protocol is currently being introduced across our portfolio of properties. New cleaning and disinfection procedures, increased attention to safety, protective equipment, and updated training for team members are included in the new protocols. All our owners are being briefed on these protocols and strongly encouraged to implement them. These protocols describe specific processes and measures that are designed to make guests feel confident when you visit your property. details or read the outlined steps below:



2. Bedding, Linen & Laundry

All Laundry is treated inline with infection control guidelines

Pillows and Duvets are sprayed using Virucidal Disinfectant Passes EN 14476 & EN 1276 

Laundry Sacks provided for guests to deposit used Bed Linens and Towels

3. Keys/Remotes

Keys & Remote Controls will be Sterilised and placed in a grip seal bags

Keys Remotes.png

4. Cuttlery, Mugs & Glasss

Cutlery, Mugs and Glasses are sterilised


5. Sanitiser and Hand Wash Stations

We recommend installing Hand Sanitiser Dispensers at the entrance and Hand Wash Dispensers in each Bathroom, safe and secure (Reduces ongoing cost & eliminates theft) Hospital grade instant foam kills 99.999% of germs (£49.99 each Including Free Fitting, refills £29.99 approx. 1p per dose) 


6. Use of PPE to Protect our team Members & Guests

Use of PPE by all members of Staff


7. Additional Training 

All staff have undergone additional training, in relation to Control of Viruses and Infection Control 


8. Safer Stays 

Ensure all our Measures implemented meet with all appropriate health and safety guidelines, regularly review our policy.

All protocols are inline with all major letting can be assured your are providing a safer stay...


9. Additional Time 

Additional measures involve additional time and as such our recommended check in time has change to 5pm.

This is to ensure the property is sufficiently sanitised and prevent any contact with the guest.


10. Welcome Packs and Information

Providing extra supplies to ensure guests can maintain a high level of cleanliness is important, we recommend Disposable gloves, Cloths, Disinfectant Products are available and we recommend a guest cleaning pack to ensure these are available to guests. 

Advise & information made available to reassure guests during their stay. 

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