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Professional Carpet & Upholstery cleaning removing contaminants and stains & protecting using a unique polymer protection system...

Vacuuming regularly is just not enough

Wherever debris can collect ,vacuuming regularly is just not enough to ensure a clean and hygienic carpet. 

Vacuum cleaners remove only part of the deep down dirt that can include food debris, drink spills, flakes of dead skin cells, dust mite droppings,allergens like pollen and waste from pet accidents or nappy overflows.

Even if your carpet looks clean, the settling of dust between the carpet fibres forms an abrasive layer that can shorten the life of your carpet with every step that is taken over it. 

The average home collects 4 kg of dust every year and 90% of house dust is made up of our skin which we shed every three days. A regular food supply for the dust mites and bacteria that breed in our carpets.

See the difference...

At least once a year, you should refresh your carpet and extend its life by deep cleaning it. The difference between a carpet that has only been vacuumed and one that has been deep cleaned is amazing. The carpet will get its bounce back and look so clean and smell so fresh that you'll wonder why you didn't deep clean it before. A deep clean will transform tired, dirty and stained carpeting.

Deep cleaning your carpet is an important part of both extending the life of your carpet and maintaining the health of your home. The truth is that a carpet is easily prone to collecting contaminants, pollutants, allergens and food and drink spills which may cause deep stains and odours. 

For allergy sufferers, deep cleaning reduces the number of irritants in carpets and upholstery leaving you with a happy healthier home

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